I often forget most of the stuff I learn, and then find out how badly I need it later. This has happened notably with my Advent of Code solutions, and a bunch of other little things like creating a Hugo theme. I want to get better at documenting my technical solutions to things, so I am reviving this blog.

Additionally, I am consistently changing my mind about what I want to specialize in with regards to my career, so hopefully if I document more of the stuff I do, I will be able to get more clarity on what I care about. Also, I have some extra time because there is a global pandemic going on.


This site is built with Hugo, and delivered by the world’s worst CI pattern. We’ll describe that in a future post, but hopefully there will be an even future-er post that describes how I changed my CI pattern to not be as bad as this.


I did a bunch of stuff at work to learn how to make a Hugo theme from scratch. That was last December, and Hugo has changed a lot since then. I’m learning all about Hugo Modules and Hugo Pipes and data-driven content and a bunch of other cool hugo features, so I’ll implement them slowly and steadily along the way. Until I have some base stuff going on, I’ll be leveraging the beautiful Hyde theme.

Are you going to stick with it this time?

Only time can tell…