Microservices: Architecture

Contents Terms Client REST / RESTful API HTTP Methods / Verbs HTTP Status Codes Synchronous vs. Asynchronous API Gateway Microservice Principles of Microservices SRP (Single Responsibility Principle) Design around business function Automate everything Keep coupling loose Monitor Build fault-tolerant Independently scalable Builders are owners Dissecting a microservice architecture client gateway microservices external contact points service-to-service communication Terms Client A client is simply someone that requests information from or submits information to your APIs.

Microservices: Java

Contents Java Overview OOP Java Modules Building and Running Testing API Frameworks in Java Abstraction of REST API frameworks Java Overview Java is a general-purpose programming language that is often used in large enterprises for creating APIs. This is likely because it has been around for a long time, and has been developed over many years to meet many business-critical requirements such as resilience, security, and performance.

Microservices: Series overview

Contents Overview Why Java + Spring ? Getting started Overview In July of last year, I joined a large firm as a software engineer. I was exposed to large-scale applications for the first time, and was able to shed my pre-existing biases against Java and Spring Boot as “old-school” or antiquated backend technologies. The goal of this series is to share lessons learned about enterprise microservice architectures, and best-practices for developing a platform with Java and Spring Boot.


Why I often forget most of the stuff I learn, and then find out how badly I need it later. This has happened notably with my Advent of Code solutions, and a bunch of other little things like creating a Hugo theme. I want to get better at documenting my technical solutions to things, so I am reviving this blog. Additionally, I am consistently changing my mind about what I want to specialize in with regards to my career, so hopefully if I document more of the stuff I do, I will be able to get more clarity on what I care about.